August 4, 2013

AJE Earring Challenge: Half Way Done!

Catching up once again.  The family has overcome kidney problems, elbow surgery, sinus infections, and now my youngest is wearing leg braces to stretch out his hamstrings.  Did you know that botox injections are used on muscles that don't stretch?  That will be the next step if the braces don't work. We also lost a tree to wind/storms.  Just missed hitting the house.

About the earring challenge!  Art Jewelry Elements is hosting a wonderful earring challenge.  The challenge is to make a pair of earrings a week.  Once again, I am behind on my projects.  I cannot believe that I am already half-way through the year.
Week 23
Art Beads by Agate58, Ebay

Week 24
Art Beads by Canterbury Keep, Ebay

Week 26
Art Beads by Rabbit Hutch Beads

Week 25
Art Beads by Enchanted Dreams Jewelry, Ebay
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