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OTTBS Read and Bead: The Wood Cutter

OTTBS generously extended the deadline to July 31!  Therefore, I made these beauties for the actual challenge.  I made a necklace (see previous post) that I quickly made for the earlier deadline; however, I wasn't exactly happy with it at the time.  I chose to read The Wood Cutter and it was well worth the read. The earrings were a literal inspiration of the story.  The top bracelet represents the pixie dust and the second just reminds me of the pixie nursery.  Pixies nestled among the leaves on the tree tops.


"If this situation has you thinking four-letter words... Here are some you may want to add to the list-- HOPE and HUGS. I was attempting to place a band aid on my son's finger last night.  That is an easy thing to do for most people, but for me it was quite the ordeal.  My son Leo has cerebral palsy.  He doesn't walk, talk, or have any of the skills most of us take for granted.  He is totally dependent upon us for his care. Well anyway, back to the band aid episode....He wasn't cooperative in any way.  He kept pulling his hand away every time.  I finally got a grip on his arm by laying my leg over it just above his elbow.  In his attempt to free his arm (he thinks it's a game at this point) he reached over with his other hand just as I bend over to place the band aid, and wham.  He managed to hit my left eye and scratched it as well.  Now, I was hurting and my eye bleeding.  I can't blame Leo, he didn't know what he did.   He couldn't understand

OTTBS: Read & Bead

Beaders from the Facebook group " Operation Tackle That Bead Stash " are challenged to read a book and then bead something.  Maybe even something that inspires you from the book.  This time around the books we could pick from were: The Woodcutter by Kate Danley Divergent by Veronica Roth The Romance of Tristian and Iseult I chose The Woodcutter for this challenge.  This book is full of familiar fairy tale characters and I enjoyed the read from start to finish.  The story takes place among 12 kingdoms.  People are becoming addicted to pixie dust; but why is there so much pixie dust, and where are the pixies?  The Woodcutter is a special person, at one with nature.  His life has been spent protecting the inhabitants of the forest.  He is tasked with investigating all that is going on in and around the forest.  During his investigation, he encounters an evil queen, water spirits, a hell hound, and has his dream fulfilled. The deadline has been extended until 31 July, so the

Summer Days & Summer Nights Reveal!

    Creative Spark Summer 2014 ezine is ready for viewing!   ZnetShows has once again hosted a great challenge.  Each designer had to create jewelry designs for day and night. So many talented designers and so much eye candy and inspiration.   By the way, I think cultured sea glass is my new favorite bead! Thank you ZnetShows and Hope for providing the beads and a place to showcase our jewelry designs. Here are a few designs I completed after the deadline and are not in the online magazine: Yes, yes, I know....I really love green! Participant Blogs Amy Severino Andrea Trank BeckyPancake BobbieRafferty BR Kuhlman CharlieJacka ChristieMurrow ChristinaMiles ChristineStonefield CynthiaMachata CynthiaRiggs DonettaFarrington HopeSmitherman KashmiraPatel KathyLindemer Kay Thomerson KellyPatterson KlaudeteKoon Lee Koopman Lisa Lodge RenethaStanziano  (Thank you for stopping by!) SandraWashington   Shaiha Williams Sher