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C r e e p y I m a g e s I was walking along our sidewalk, looking into our plant beds for something interesting to photograph for the “I  Heart Macro” page on the Studio Waterstone blog, when I came across several bundles of these “pods”.  But let me tell you, the close-up is very creepy indeed.  Sometimes, it may be better to not look so close at some things.  This pic does lend something to the upcoming spookiness of Halloween! Apparently this "fungus" loves rain, which allows the spores to leave the nest and start new colonies. before pods open Found out today it's called bird's nest fungus and usually grows in mulch with the special sauce--made by horses.
4 th Do Over Challenge Now Underway!     Jeannie of Jeannie's Blog sent each participant a piece of jewelry she believes to be boring, something she made when she first started making jewelry.  Each participant is supposed to breath new life into their challenge piece using at least 50% of the original piece.  Here is what Jeannie sent to me: Purple rondelles, seed beads, and a pretty cool clasp.  Come back October 20 for the reveal!
i heart macro:  just a yellow flower

The Beauty of Vintage Acrylic Beads -- Win a Chance to Create With Lori Anderson, Pretty Things!

For details, click on the image above!

Art Bead Love Tour: Read All About It!

I read about the Art Bead Love Tour sometime last month and I am so excited about it.  What's there to be excited about?  A chance to exchange some of your art bead stash (up to 30) for other beautiful handmade art beads!   Pam Ferrari was the lucky winner of the Art Bead Love Tour necklace chain.  Visit her blog to see what she picked and what she chose to go on the chain! This is what the chain looked like when  it got to Pam! Congratulations Karen Williams of Baublicious for winning  the Art Bead Love Tour necklace chain.    Just remember to stop by her blog sometime this month to sign up for your chance at the ABLT necklace chain!

i heart macro: Hawaiian Punch Plant

DH took my youngest son, Leo, on a walk through   Cox Arboretum  over the weekend and was amazed by the plants in their edible garden.  So my husband and I took a few moments out of our busy schedules yesterday to visit the park.  This was a great opportunity for macro shots. Maypot, Passion Fruit, or the Hawaiian Punch Plant.  Really, this plant is used in the manufacture of Hawaiian punch! Cockscomb I believe this is a type of yucca plant, but if you know what it actually is,  please leave a comment. Renetha

Kalmbach Bead Soup Party Goodies Arrived Today!

In celebration of Lori Anderson's new book, Kalmbach is hosting a Bead Soup Party!  I signed up, thinking it was a long shot, but look what arrived: For the KBSP I am supposed to make a necklace using the beads received or even using beads from my own stash.  Then take pictures and send them to Kalmbach.  How cool is that?  So far I am looking at the eagle moon pendant because it is asking, no demnding, to be bead embroidered in fall colors.  Maybe some heavy linen thread and beads for the chain.  If I had any drawing skills, I would sketch it out.  Alas, drawing and painting skills go to my baby sister Jessica Williams.

Creative Chaos: 'sockapalooza' Results & F.F. #9!

Another give-a-way! This time Skye's giving away bead soup.  I won some fuzzy socks. I love fuzzy socks :) Visit the Creative Chaos blog for details (see link below).    Don't forget, I am waiting for 3 people to participate in the "Pay It/Play It Forward" game. Creative Chaos: 'sockapalooza' Results & F.F. #9! : Okay so...I'm gonna have to redo this a few times to nab all the spelling crap... my arms feel like rubber and my brain is mush ... and my ...

i heart macro: mushrooms...

Mushrooms I don't know what type they are but I was fascinated by how delicate they are, like little parasols.

Creative Chaos September Already Giveaway!

Why take a picture of my feet in socks?  Mismatched socks even?  There are people out in the world that would do just about anything to win something.  Skye of skyescreativechaos blog is having a giveaway.  To enter, you have to take a picture of your feet in socks, post the pic, and leave the link in a comment to her blog.  I can do this  FOR BEADS!

Dolly Day at STASH!

I just spent the afternoon at my most favorite bead shop STASH .  We were all gathered there for our monthly Art Doll Group, or Dolly day!  This beautiful crow was beaded by friend Peg.  I told her this is her best work yet.  All done in black seed beads, bugles, daggers, and tiny crystals for the eyes!  The best thing is that this crow is going to a very good friend of hers who is undergoing cancer treatments.  Great job Peg. (I made the crow form!)