October 5, 2017

My Beloved Oreo, Beloved No More

I try to stay away from "junk food" these days, but ever so often I must indulge.  My favorite go to indulgence is always something chocolate.  Recently, when the craving hit, I grabbed a bag of my favorite, never fail, make me feel wonderful cookies....yes, I am talking about Oreos.  I always start with a tall glass of milk with a few ice cubes thrown in.  Then I open the bag and deeply inhale the dark chocolate aroma before selecting the first cookie.  However, this time, there was no dark chocolate smell at all.  I thought maybe my nose was too stuffed up from allergies.  But no, there was no dark chocolate smell.  Then I selected a cookie.  I always bite the first one before dunking the rest.  I bit into the Oreo and awaited the taste of chocolate and creamy goodness...there was none.  

Eating that cookie was the most horrible experience ever.  I then passed the bag to my kids.  They tried the cookies (they don't deserve the name Oreo) and didn't like them either.  For the first time in the history of our snacking, that bag sat on the table with no more than 3 cookies taken out.  Normally, they would have lasted 30 minutes once discovered.

I don't know what Nabisco did to my beloved Oreos, but I want them to undo it.  I understand that change can be good, but this change was just plain nasty.  When I go through our local market, I pass on all Nabisco products for fear that they have been contaminated with bad taste as well.  

I did go to the Nabisco Facebook page and complain, and was happy to discover I wasn't the only one that detected the change.

October 1, 2017

30 Paintings in 30 Days Finished!

This was a fun challenge.  I discovered that I love wax pastels and dirty pouring.  I will definitely participate in another challenge like this one.  As a matter of fact, stay tuned.  You might see my novice attempts of putting pen to paper to create art for...INKTOBER2017.

September 24, 2017

30 Paintings in 30 Days: Day 24


I really like fluid art!  I just wish the acrylic paint dried glossy.  So if anyone is reading this post, varnish, resin, or art fixative spray? Comments welcome!

September 23, 2017

30 Paintings in 30 Days: Day 23


Leslie Saeta Challenge

Exploring dirty pours!  I feel like a mad scientist!  Mwhaaahaaahaaa. 😃

September 11, 2017

30 PAINTINGS in 30 DAYS...Day 11


Leslie Saeta Challenge

I have always wanted one of those black and white photos with one or two items highlighted with color.  I took the original picture a few years ago of the bush in our backyard.

Photo Printed on Watercolor Paper and painted with watercolors.

September 9, 2017

30 PAINTINGS in 30 DAYS...Day 9

One of my favorite places to shop is Gudrun.  The founder of the company, Gudrun Sjoden, is also a watercolor artist.  Her passion for textiles and handicrafts is how she shares her art with the world.  So this simple watercolor tulip painting is done in the spirit of Gudrun.

Want to know what other artists are painting?  Follow the link:  30 in 30

September 8, 2017

30 PAINTINGS in 30 DAYS...All Caught Up Now

I signed up for Leslie Saeta's challenge to paint 30 paintings in 30 days!  After my son's lengthy hospital stay and recovery, I finally have some time to try this out.  I really need to get back in touch with my creative side.  As I started late, here are the first 8 days of paintings.  Some were acrylic on canvas and the rest are acrylic on paper or watercolor.  I really must place this disclaimer:  I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL ARTIST!  I love color in all types of art.  I don't know if the bottom 2 count as painting, but they were fun.

acrylic on paper
acrylic on paper

acrylic on paper
acrylic on paper

acrylic on paper
acrylic on canvas

Coloring sheet printed on
watercolor paper. Watercolor

Coloring sheet printed
on watercolor paper. Watercolor

April 12, 2017

Bead Peeps Reveal: Better Late Than Not at All!

I have been so busy these last few months.  Mom has recovered from her surgery.  My 2 oldest sons are now job searching, after gaining their welder certifications!  Plumbers made repairs to one of our bathroom showers.  Sinus infection got me down, and the weather is just as unpredictable as events in my life. But I did find some time to finish working with my bead soup from Katy Heider.  I wanted to make a cuff, but it soon turned into a pendant.  I used the little discs for a pair of earrings.  Pics are below.

Thank you Linda for putting the Swap & Hop together.  Don't forget to see what the other beaders created with their soups.  Links below.

Linda Anderson - Hostess -
Linda Anderson    http://fromTheBeadBoard.blogspot.com
Christina Hickman http://www.vintagetreasuresjewelry.blogspot.com
Catherine LaVite         http://drygulchbeadsandjewelry.blogspot.com/
Barbara Price    http://www.instagram.com/colorcopiajewelrydesigns/
Kathy Lindemer  https://bay-moon-design.blogspot.com/
Linda Raggo  http://www.instagram.com/linda_raggo_
Marianne Baxter  http://simplyseablimejewelry.blogspot.com
Rachelle Walker  http://www.chellerydesigns.net/blog
Gloria Allen  http://wingsandbeads.blogspot.com
Ally Asato          https://instagram.com/purplemosspal
Robin Lynne Showstack http://heartsdesiresjewelryforyou.blogspot.com/
Naomi Knafla                     https://www.instagram.com/naomiknafla/
Maria Rosa Sharrow http://willowstreetshops.blogspot.com
Dana Phillips            http://www.neverwinterdesigns.blogspot.com
Michelle McCarthy http://www.fireflydesignstudio.blogspot.com
Beth Blanc               https://www.instagram.com/beth.blanc.designs.jewelry/
Hope Smitherman       http://CraftyHope.com
Kari Asbury      https://www.instagram.com/kariasburyjewelry/
Shai Williams   http://www.shaihasramblings.com/
Betony Maiden   http://beadwenches.blogspot.com
Inge van Roos             http://ingetraud.wordpress.com
Kelly Hosford Patterson https://www.instagram.com/pyxeestyx/
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Lori Schneider  http://beadaddicted.blogspot.com
Rosantia Petkova    http://bairozan.blogspot.bg/
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Claire Fabian  http://saraccino.blogspot.de/
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Nicole Rennell   http://nicolerennell.com
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Divya              http://www.jewelsofsayuri.com
Rebecca White  http://morganafeycreations.wordpress.com
Palak Udeshi  http://kalaabhushan.blogspot.in
Seed Beaders 
Rebecca White  http://morganafeycreations.wordpress.com
Palak Udeshi  http://kalaabhushan.blogspot.in
Penny Houghton  http://smellynelly.blogspot.com.au
Krafty Max     http://www.kraftymax.net/blogposts/
Heather Canepa  http://www.desertjewelrydesigns.com
Ginger Bishop  http://lilmummylikes.blogspot.com
Katy Heider      http://onthepondcreations.blogspot.com/
Renetha Stanziano http://lamplightcrafts.blogspot.com/
Becky Pancake  http://beckypancakebeaddesigns.blogspot.com/
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Minnette Miller    https://www.instagram.com/minnettemiller/
Veralynne Malone http://www.veradesigns.blogspot.com

March 25, 2017

BSBP Bead Hoarders Edition Blog & Pinterest Hop


Between my mother's surgery and recovery, the shower valve's constant drip, keeping my A1C levels down, and taking classes in creating with precious metal clay, I am well and truly stressed out. However, I did manage to at least finish the pendant, even though I will probably redo it sometime in the future. The bead(s) my partner Shai sent are unique and in some of my favorite color to work with--copper with bronze tones. You can tell the piece was rushed a bit.  I plan to make a Kumihimo rope to finish the design.

I also quickly made a pair of earrings from the ceramic beads.

Thank you Lori for hosting the BSBP again!  The link to list of participants is below.


March 14, 2017

2017 Bead Peeps Swap n' Hop: Getting Started!

My partner this year is Katy Heider author of onthepondcreations.blogspot.com blog.  Katy has made a few bead embroidery cuffs shibori ribbon that are just gorgeous.  Her other beaded creations are just as beautiful as well.  She sent me a wonderful selection of goodies to bead with including some shibori ribbon!  She even had enough leftover to make herself something with the same beads.  I am rather curious to see what we each make with the same materials.

Here is a pic of what she sent to me.  Shibori silk (Aria Design Studio, Etsy), lampwork discs (Taneres, Etsy), seed beads, fire polished rounds, and a clasp by BeadSwede (Etsy).  Isn't that rusty wine colored silk just divine?

The picture on the card was taken by Katy as well.

Now I am ready to get started on a design.  Cuff, pendant, earrings?  All will find out on April 8, 2017!

February 24, 2017

PRECIOSA ORNELA February Farfalla Contest Entry

This year, PRECIOSA ORNELA will present a showcase of 12 unique bead and seed bead shapes with a registered trademark. Every month, we will look at one bead or seed bead from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™.  February, will look at the exceptional PRECIOSA Farfalle™ seed bead named after the Italian word for a butterfly, Farfalla, and its special type the PRECIOSA Cut Farfalle.


I often have difficulty determining which bead is a Preciosa Ornela bead and which is a Czech bead or if they are the same bead.  Some companies give their beads similar names. I believe that the beads I used are the Farfalla.  I also used handmade lampwork beads and Preciosa crystals in my necklace design.


February 23, 2017

Bead Hoarders Swap'n Hop Partner Reveal!

Fun Stripes V  (Etsy Set 016)
Borrowed Etsy Picture of Golem Beads
Lori McDaniel Anderson of the Pretty Things blog andBead Soup Cafe (Facebook) is hosting the Bead Hoarders Swap this year!  I love her Bead Soup Swap Parties!  This year's challenge was to send our partner a bead or beads that we have hoarded...and nothing else but a letter.  A letter detailing any details of why this bead was hoarded.  

My partner this year is Shai Williams of the Shaiha's Ramblings blog.  She is from Tacoma, Washington and her jewelry designs are available in her shop--Shaiha's Designs.  The picture above is my favorite and only set of striped Golem beads.  I have been hoarding them for several years and they are now in Shaiha's creative hands-- along with some other stuff. I love and miss those beads, their color, how they look and feel.

The Bead Hoarders package from Shai arrived in yesterday's mail!  

I see earrings!

Copper lampwork bead split into 3!