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August Art Bead Scene Challenge

Summer Thunder by Hosteen KlahWeaving, Wood This textile is a wonderful inspiration for August.  The colors, so earthy and warm, make me think about the upcoming fall.  For this month's challenge, I knew I was going to use beads by Pat Antonick of Heliotrope Studio.  Pat has a studio which is about a 15 minute drive from my home.  She doesn't have an Etsy store, but she recently started a Facebook page .  Pat sells beads in order to purchase supplies for several of her endeavors.  She makes jewelry, ceramic beads, portrait quilts, and assemblage art to name a few.  If you are ever near Dayton, Ohio, be sure to stop by her studio. Due to time constraints, I went with earrings this time around. Lampwork Fossil Beads by Donna Millard Ceramic Leaf Dangles by Pat Antonick Lampwork Saucer Beads by Melissa? (Ebay) Ceramic Turtle Dangles by Pat Antonick My Favorite Ceramic Beads and Spirit Man Dangle by Pat Antonick I had a lot of fun with this challeng