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Art Bead Scene May Challenge: Augustin Lesage

This month's Art Bead Scene Challenge is to create jewelry or art beads using this untitled painting by Augustin Lesage for inspiration.  This painting made me dizzy.  There are so many little details, it becomes hard to focus on one aspect of the painting.  But I do have to say, Lesage was extremely talented to have composed this and other works from start to finish.  This photo is only a small part of the entire abstract composition.  Abstract is the focus of my design for this challenge. What jewelry components do I have that are abstract?  A whole stash of lampwork beads.  But I wanted a lot of color and detail.  Then the idea hit me!  Fabric.  Here are the beads I made for this challenge. There you have it.  Beads with lots of abstract details!  Now for the jewelry created using these fabric beads.  Are fabric beads considered art beads?  Not too sure.  But here is my design. The ceramic beads were a surprise!  I won them for the Frida cuff I made for April's

UPDATED: Bead Peeps Blog Hop Reveal

I know I am late posting what I made with some of the beads I received for this swap, but I was in kind of a slump...creatively.  But now I have found some bead mojo and managed to crank out a couple of bracelets.  These are for you Kathleen Breeding! This is what I received from my partner for the Bead Peeps Hop and Swap.  However, I didn't get around to making anything, but will soon.  Thank you Tami Norris for the beads.

Art Bead Scene April Challenge: Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo.  All I could think about is the thorny hummingbird necklace.  To me she wears the necklace like a badge of courage.  It says people might think she is a delicate woman on the outside, but know that she is in constant pain. Here is my design for the Art Bead Scene Challenge inspired by Frida's painting. I made a polymer clay hummingbird cab and added it to a beaded cuff.  I'm not happy with the cuff, but I really like the dragonfly pendant and cabs I made.  I might redo the cuff sometime...... Renetha Stanziano