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A Few Challenges Completed!

First, I managed to finally visit/comment on all of the Art Jewelry Element Headpin Challenge participant blogs (except for one, Typepad had issues).  But I can say that each participant came through with beautiful designs.  So if you want to see some beady eye candy or your creative side needs an inspirational boost, get to clicking.  The list is on the post below this one. Second, I was picked by the Beadwork magazine team to design something for the Reader's Challenge!  This happened back in July.  I couldn't let anyone know what I made, and that was the hard part of the whole challenge.  Here is my design as published in the Oct/Nov issue of Beadwork magazine. Third:  The  Jean Power Secret Bead-Along Challenge for National Beading Week in November.  This was something I haven't done before.  Bead something from instructions and not know what I am going to end up with.  This was so much fun.  I managed to complete the design after a few days of resting after