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Art Elements January Component Reveal

This is the reveal for the first Art Elements component of the month giveaway and design challenge of 2017!  Leather cabochons were created by Lindsay Starr, and she gave some away to a few lucky readers. Guess what?  I was one of those lucky readers.  I don't know which cabs the other two readers received, so you will have to follow the links below to see what they did with their components. This leather cabochon is something new that I have never worked with before.  I just decided on a beaded pendant on either a leather cord or fabric cord.  The fabric cord won the coin toss.   Guests: Ann  Renetha  Patty Sherri Kelly  Linda AE Writers: Lesley Laney Lindsay Caroline  Cathy Cooky Claire Diana  Jenny Susan Niky Thank you for stopping by and comments are welcome! Renetha

Bead Peeps Update: About Me

Bead Peeps Swap N Hop Pre-Swap Briefing: 2017 Goals:  Bead at least once a week.                    Get started with my torch and silver clay projects.                    Take care of my family.                     Lose weight. Favorite Things to Work With:  Anything to do with beads except for bead crocheting. What I Want to Learn in the Next Year:  Being proficient with torching silver clay. Favorite Colors to Work With:  I haven't met a bead or color I didn't like. My Bead Style:  Definitely BOHO Favorite Metals to Work With:  All of them. I am well over 50 years old and have been happily married to the same man for over 20 years.  I have 3 boys ages 16, 19, and 21.  My oldest sons have just finished at Hobart Welding School and are looking for work.  The sooner they are employed, the sooner I get my dream studio!  I also enjoy working with polymer clay, quilting, sewing, beading, reading and most recently working with silver clay. Renetha Stanziano