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Pay It Forward this Holiday Season!

I believe that if you do good, it comes back to you.  Today, I was in line at a local rib joint waiting for my order.  The man that came in after me placed his order and said that he would pay for everyone's order that was in line.  As I and others thanked him, he said that God has been good to him this year and he wanted to pass it on.  Thank you Wayne!  Have a joyous holiday season. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Renetha

2013 Art Charm Exchange: Cuppa Tea Luv?

This is my 2nd year participating in the Art Charm Exchange which is hosted by Jennifer Cameron . This year's theme is LOVE!  The fun of this event is that each participant makes 10 charms +1. The +1 charm is then auctioned off during the Beads of Courage Auction, and the proceeds go to Beads of Courage .    I am not a bead artist, but I do love to work with art beads, and I have quite a stockpile. Some beads are labeled, some are not. This year I made teapot charms!  Nothing says love like tea with your best friend.  Each teapot belly is made with small, round lampwork beads made by Carolyn Harman of the Miami Valley Lampwork Bead Artists , Dayton, Ohio.  I love Carolyn's beads, and the fact that I can get them at my local bead shop, STASH !  As a matter of fact, STASH  had a trunk show featuring beads made by MVLBA  last month!  And I was there to look at beads.....and maybe buy one or two :) My +1 charm has an art bead made by Cheri Reed .  The beads were part of a go

ZnetShows & 7000 Bracelets of Hope

7000 Bracelets of Hope is an initiative from the Global Genes | RARE project, which is an advocacy organization for individuals with rare and genetic diseases. Their symbol is a denim ribbon, a play on genes=jeans. You can find more about the Global Genes project on their website ( ). This organization started the  7000 Bracelets of Hope  initiative to provide blue-themed bracelets to families fighting rare and genetic diseases. The idea is that these bracelets give support and a little hope to these families. As well, the unifying blue theme may help spread awareness.  Hope Smitherman of ZnetShows called out to jewelry designers to participate in a lightening round challenge.  We were allowed to pick two choices of blue beads to begin our projects.  The completed bracelets will go to 7000 Bracelets of Hope! I chose some 10mm round sea glass beads in a light blue, as well as a strand of 12mm round navy blue pearls.    S06-B31-ONE - Cultured Sea Glass ro

Good News for Me!

My design, Dark Moon (above), placed 3rd in the Bello Modo Takumi Summer Challenge !  Yeah me!  I am also 1 of 7 finalists in the Jewelry Because October Creations Contest .  Stay posted for the reveal.  I am currently beading up a few designs for the ZnetShows ' Winter Glossi .  And after my rant at Northridge Publishing over their "no refund" policy regarding subscriptions, they finally credited my account for the no longer published issues of Bead Trends Magazine .  I am so excited by all of the good after all those pesky little problems that turn up in real life.