December 29, 2013

AJE Earring Challenge: Completed!

Art Jewelry Elements challenged jewelry designers to make a pair of earrings every week for 52 weeks using art beads!  That's a lot of earrings.  I am amazed that I managed to complete all 52 pairs of earrings.  Sometimes I had to take breaks due to family obligations, but I guess we all go through that at one time or another.  This challenge was fun, inspirational, and a great learning experience.

Here are my last 8 sets of earrings.

45  Art Beads by Pat Westby, MVLBA

46  Art Beads by Flame on Glass, ETSY

47  Top Art Bead by Carolyn Harmon, MVLBA
Bottom Artbead, Art Insomnia Beads

48  Art Beads by Flame on Glass, ETSY

49  Art Beads by Stone Designs, ETSY

50  Art Beads by XINAR, EBAY

51  Art Beads, artist unknown.  Just beautiful, red, sugared spacers.

52  Art Beads by Carolyn Harmon, MVLBA

Now what to do with all of these earrings?   Don't forget to stop by the AJE Pinterest page to see earrings by other designers.  Thank you AJE for hosting the fun challenge.

Did I say that I love challenges?  Well I do.

Renetha Stanziano

December 28, 2013

AJE Earring Challenge Catch-Up.....

Here we go:

33  Art Beads:  Sheribeads

34  Art Beads:  Carolyn Harmon, MVLBA

35  Art Beads:  Art Insomnia

36  Art Beads:  VGB Lampwork Beads

37  Art Beads:  Carolyn Harmon, MVLBA
38  Art Beads:  Carolyn Harmon, MVLBA

39  I cut, bent, and wire-wrapped the wire.  Does that count?

40  Art Beads:  Art Bead Love Chain

41  Art Beads:  Serena's Beadery

42  Aged Czech Beads and hemp.  No art beads.

43  Hybrid Picasso Beads and Waxed Linen.  No art beads.

44  Art Beads:  Celine's Beads, Ebay

December 2, 2013

4th Annual Challenge of Color :: ColourLovers Wordlinks

I think these beads had all of the palett colors and then some!  I also made these:

Color Names for Palette:  Gothic Sex
Black Candles
Castle in Ruins
Gothic Lingerie
Baroque Clavichords
Supernatural Infusion

Color Names for Palette:  Zen Forest

Autumn Brown
Rich Mud
Canopy Green

Follow the link to see more challenge designs (Just click on the banner below).  Thank you Erin for the challenge and inspiration.