September 18, 2013

Creating with Cabochons Challenge Reveal!

Sally Russick of The Studio Sublime loves challenges and put out a call to Create with Cabochons!  I and others responded to the challenge.  I've done a little bead embroidery and thought this challenge would be fun.  Not only was it fun, but it is also addicting.  

I started out with a piece of Succor Creek Jasper that looks like a beautiful desert landscape, and inspired by my friend Cathy Helmers (an expert in bead embroidery), I made the focal below.  It is truly a one of a kind piece.  I used a lot of the hybrid seed beads surrounding the cab and fringe.  Sadly, the hybrid seed beads are not being made anymore, so you better get them before they are gone.

And this piece too. The focal is a lampwork bead made by Carolyn Harman, MVLBA.

Thank you Sally for hosting this challenge, and for providing those links about beading cabochons.  I had great fun with these!
I will get to hopping sometime after the weekend.  My nieces are coming for a visit, while my brother and sister in law go to the Ohio State game.  So I must clean, clean, clean and get rid of stink bugs (the ones that look like shields).

Challenge Participants

Host:  Sally Russick

Alicia Marinache           
Lynn  Jobber           
Jenny Davies-Reazor           
Jo-Ann  Woolverton           
Marde Lowe           
Dawn Doucette           
Mary K McGraw           
Gloria Allen            
Cheri  Reed           
Sonya Stille           
Elizabeth Owens Dwy           
Veralynne   Malone           
Tania Hagen           
Lynsey  Brooks           
Christina Miles           
Holly  Westfall           
Kathy  Lindemer           
Patti Vanderbloemen            
Therese Frank           
Adrienne Berry           
Tanty  Sri Hartanti           
Renetha Stanziano           
Marlene  Cupo           
Sandi Volpe           
Sharyl McMillian-Nelson           
Mischelle Fanucchi           
Tracy  Stillman           
Skylar Bre'z           
Ann Schroeder           
Jess Green           
Susan Kennedy           
Stacie  Florer           
Cathie  Carroll           
Susan F.    
Michelle Caballero       
Sabine Dittrich           
Kristina Johansson           
Kimberly Sturrup-Roberts           
Melissa  Meman           
Cheryl McCloud         
Michelle  Timms           
Cindy  Pack           
Ailsa  Cordner           
Cynthia  Machata           
Julia  Harris           
Ingrid  Anderson           

September 14, 2013


In between all of the beading challenges and family life, I like to sew.  My latest project was a collaboration between Carole Ohl and myself.  She wanted something smaller and less intimidating than an art doll form as a teaching aid.  Carole came across the cousin of the Snootie, called Schmoos.  Schmoos are crocheted creatures that were then beaded, and live in Schmooville.  And now we have STASH Snooties...totally fabricated!

These were a lot of fun to put together.  They are bright, colorful, barely 3 inches high, and no two are exactly the same. They are available at STASH, the best bead shop ever.  This proves that beaders will bead just about anything.  I will post more pics of STASH Snooties soon.

September 4, 2013

AJE Earring Challenge: More Earrings!

Life is good in the Stanziano household!   Now, about the earring challenge!  Art Jewelry Elements is hosting a wonderful earring challenge.  The challenge is to make a pair of earrings a week, totalling 52 pairs for the year.  Playing catch up as usual.......

Featuring Art Beads by Donna Millard
Week 27/52

Wire Mesh and Orphan Art Beads by Canterbury Keep, Ebay
Week 28/52

Featuring Art Beads by Carolyn Harman, MVLBA
Week 29/52

Flying Saucer Art Beads by B. VandeCreek, MVLBA and
Wing Dings made by Genea
Week 30/52

Featuring Art Beads by T. McGill,
Rabbit Hutch Beads
Week 31/52

Featuring Art Beads from the Misty Manor Mercers
Week 32/52

Featuring Art Beads from Bluff Road Glass
Week 33/52

Thank you for stopping by.  

Back from the STASH Bead'n'Babes Retreat

Oh, I had the most wonderful time catching up with old friends, and making new friends too.  The rooms were great, the food was spectacular, the grounds were filled with wild turkeys, deer, lizards, and birds of all kinds.  The staff were friendly as well, and stopped by the "beading room" to see all of our wonderful creations.

Here is what I made while on the retreat.

The retreat took place at The Wooded Glen in Henryville, Indiana.  A nice long 3.5 hour drive from where I live, but it was so worth it.