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Operation Tackle That Bead Stash April 2015 Challenge!

Photos by (clockwise from left)  A Guy Taking Pictures ,  Darwin Bell . Moyan Brenn ,  Deborah Cardinal  &  Rachael Towne . Look at the challenge colors!  How could I resist?   OTTBS has a Facebook page for beaders, with the goal of using all the beads we collect and hoard.  This month's challenge was sort of Bollywood with a twist.  Here is a look at my finished bracelet adapted from a tutorial by VCArtisianOriginals .

Indigo Turtle Design Finished!

Last month, Indigo Turtle Art , hosted a cabochon giveaway!  The cabs are handmade porcelain.  All you had to do was sign up.  So I did.  One of the requirements was that I had to make something within the next few months.  I love challenges because they get the creative juices flowing. I used picasso seed beads with pinks, browns, and greens which reflect the colors of the cab.  Just a hint of bronze seed beads were also used.  The final touch, a crystal golden shadow Swarovski 2-hole square bead. This design is called Desert Rose. Thank you Carol for hosting the giveaway/challenge.  Thank you James for the beautiful cabochon.  To everyone else, stop by Indigo Turtle Art's Etsy shop for more of these beautiful cabochons!