November 5, 2013

ZnetShows & 7000 Bracelets of Hope

7000 Bracelets of Hope is an initiative from the Global Genes | RARE project, which is an advocacy organization for individuals with rare and genetic diseases. Their symbol is a denim ribbon, a play on genes=jeans. You can find more about the Global Genes project on their website ( This organization started the 7000 Bracelets of Hope initiative to provide blue-themed bracelets to families fighting rare and genetic diseases. The idea is that these bracelets give support and a little hope to these families. As well, the unifying blue theme may help spread awareness. 

Hope Smitherman of ZnetShows called out to jewelry designers to participate in a lightening round challenge.  We were allowed to pick two choices of blue beads to begin our projects.  The completed bracelets will go to 7000 Bracelets of Hope!

I chose some 10mm round sea glass beads in a light blue, as well as a strand of 12mm round navy blue pearls. 

 S06-B31-ONE - Cultured Sea Glass round Beads 10mm 31-Light Sapphire
 BDS1621-19  glass pearls round Beads 0 -navy blue K0697 12mm

Here are my Lightening Round Designs.

I participated in a challenge for BoH a while back.  I packed up the bracelets, and then misplaced the box.  Took me a while to find them, but I did.  Now I will add these goodies to the lot and send them out.  Thank you ZnetShows and CraftyHope for sponsoring the challenge.