December 28, 2013

AJE Earring Challenge Catch-Up.....

Here we go:

33  Art Beads:  Sheribeads

34  Art Beads:  Carolyn Harmon, MVLBA

35  Art Beads:  Art Insomnia

36  Art Beads:  VGB Lampwork Beads

37  Art Beads:  Carolyn Harmon, MVLBA
38  Art Beads:  Carolyn Harmon, MVLBA

39  I cut, bent, and wire-wrapped the wire.  Does that count?

40  Art Beads:  Art Bead Love Chain

41  Art Beads:  Serena's Beadery

42  Aged Czech Beads and hemp.  No art beads.

43  Hybrid Picasso Beads and Waxed Linen.  No art beads.

44  Art Beads:  Celine's Beads, Ebay

1 comment:

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Wow, you've been holding out, Renetha! Since they all have hand-crafted portions, IMHO they fit the "handmade" theme, even if some don't have artbeads. My last three I made from charms received/bought during the Art Charm Swap, so they didn't really have artbeads either.