July 24, 2014


"If this situation has you thinking four-letter words...
Here are some you may want to add to the list--
I was attempting to place a band aid on my son's finger last night.  That is an easy thing to do for most people, but for me it was quite the ordeal.  My son Leo has cerebral palsy.  He doesn't walk, talk, or have any of the skills most of us take for granted.  He is totally dependent upon us for his care.

Well anyway, back to the band aid episode....He wasn't cooperative in any way.  He kept pulling his hand away every time.  I finally got a grip on his arm by laying my leg over it just above his elbow.  In his attempt to free his arm (he thinks it's a game at this point) he reached over with his other hand just as I bend over to place the band aid, and wham.  He managed to hit my left eye and scratched it as well.  Now, I was hurting and my eye bleeding.  I can't blame Leo, he didn't know what he did.  

He couldn't understand the mood the sore eye put me into. All he knows is his family, his likes and dislikes. But today is better and my eye is still sore and extremely red.  Today, DH and Leo went out shopping and brought back a surprise for me.  An apology and flowers.  Leo might not understand a lot of what goes on around him, but he does know the value of smiles.

Well, how am I feeling now?  What do you think?