July 11, 2012

ABS Twofold July Challenge!

The Art Bead Scene July challenge painting is Picasso's Two Acrobats with a Dog, was painted right in the middle of his Rose Period. This was the time when Picasso was slowly coming out of the severe depression that marked his Blue Period, and the colors Picasso used here signify that recovery.  The first thing that caught my attention was the harlequin pattern on the leotard of the man.  The colors I see are varying shades of blue, and some yellow.  For my design, I made a few harlequin beads and only ended up using two.  I also used a handmade porcelain button made by Pat Atonick of Heliotrope Studio and Beads.  If you are ever in the Dayton Ohio area, visit her shop.  I also used a handmade clay bead from Yolanda's Clay (Etsy).  The rest is just Swarovski crystals, filament beads, and a few Czech beads.  The bracelet design was totally inspired by Lesley Watt's tutorial using jump rings and beads.  Here are some pictures of my design.

I call this design Blue Jeans Casual.  I will post more bracelets as my beads arrive in the mail because this months challenge was also to have readers and participants in the challenge make 200 bracelets inspired by the colors in the painting, and donate them to the 7000 Bracelets for Hope project.  Visit the Art Bead Scene blog for details, because this includes a giveaway!

Read about 7000 bracelets for hope here:  http://globalgenes.org/7000-bracelets-for-hope/