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BSBP Bead Hoarders Edition Blog & Pinterest Hop

Between my mother's surgery and recovery, the shower valve's constant drip, keeping my A1C levels down, and taking classes in creating with precious metal clay, I am well and truly stressed out. However, I did manage to at least finish the pendant, even though I will probably redo it sometime in the future. The bead(s) my partner Shai sent are unique and in some of my favorite color to work with--copper with bronze tones. You can tell the piece was rushed a bit.  I plan to make a Kumihimo rope to finish the design.

I also quickly made a pair of earrings from the ceramic beads.

Thank you Lori for hosting the BSBP again!  The link to list of participants is below.


  1. Beautiful designs - I love your bead embroidery to bring those pieces together as a pendant and the rope will finish it off perfectly I'm sure.

  2. Those are super fun earrings and I adore the pendant. You did a beautiful job. Thanks for sharing so much inspiration with us.

  3. Love the design of the pedant - great work :-)

  4. Your bead embroidery piece is amazing to say the least, it is really spectacular!!! Hope I get a chance to see it completed.

  5. Wow! Look at all that work you are one uber talented lady!

  6. Wow - well good for you because it looks like it would take a long time to get as far as you have gotten!! I could not live the earrings you made any more than I do!!

  7. I just love what you did with the focal! Be sure to show it off when you get it finished.

    Those earrings are incredible! I had that pair of beads for a few years & never could come up with a design to do them justice.

  8. What you did with the large bead set is fantastic! I'm loving those fringy earrings too!

  9. Incredible bead work. Love it. Those earrings are so much fun. I hope your mom has a speedy recovery.

  10. Oh wow! That pendant is stunning!

  11. Lovely bead work and neat earrings. Hope your Mom is okay now.

  12. Beautiful work. I love the bead embroidery!

  13. WOW - I love how you created a stunning focal!

  14. Wow I would never call what made rushed. Every last thing is amazing!

  15. The bead embroidery around the focal raises it to a whole new level. It will be cool to see the piece come together with a beaded rope. I really love the long tassely earrings. Great design. Great use of your soup!

  16. Your embroidery work is awesome, what a great pendant! I love those earrings!

  17. Each piece is gorgeous. Your designs highlight the colour and texture of the beads.

  18. Beautiful embroidery! And, those earrings are stunning!

  19. Those are my favorite colors too. I'm drooling over my keyboard now. I LOVE how you did your seed bead work (I don't have the patience, eyes, or neck for that much detail) you really pulled it off and I can't tell it was rushed. My other fave are the earrings with unique seed danglies. Too fun - where didja get those seeds?
    Great job, great soup - hope life calms a bit for you.


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