September 4, 2013

AJE Earring Challenge: More Earrings!

Life is good in the Stanziano household!   Now, about the earring challenge!  Art Jewelry Elements is hosting a wonderful earring challenge.  The challenge is to make a pair of earrings a week, totalling 52 pairs for the year.  Playing catch up as usual.......

Featuring Art Beads by Donna Millard
Week 27/52

Wire Mesh and Orphan Art Beads by Canterbury Keep, Ebay
Week 28/52

Featuring Art Beads by Carolyn Harman, MVLBA
Week 29/52

Flying Saucer Art Beads by B. VandeCreek, MVLBA and
Wing Dings made by Genea
Week 30/52

Featuring Art Beads by T. McGill,
Rabbit Hutch Beads
Week 31/52

Featuring Art Beads from the Misty Manor Mercers
Week 32/52

Featuring Art Beads from Bluff Road Glass
Week 33/52

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