September 14, 2013


In between all of the beading challenges and family life, I like to sew.  My latest project was a collaboration between Carole Ohl and myself.  She wanted something smaller and less intimidating than an art doll form as a teaching aid.  Carole came across the cousin of the Snootie, called Schmoos.  Schmoos are crocheted creatures that were then beaded, and live in Schmooville.  And now we have STASH Snooties...totally fabricated!

These were a lot of fun to put together.  They are bright, colorful, barely 3 inches high, and no two are exactly the same. They are available at STASH, the best bead shop ever.  This proves that beaders will bead just about anything.  I will post more pics of STASH Snooties soon.