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2019 Bead Peeps Swap & Hop Reveal!

To my Peeps:

I think as I get older, sickness lasts longer. Everyone is better now and down to sniffles. 

On to the good stuff. My partner for this years' Swap & Hop was Dain Schlegel of Dainty Designs.  However, she is recovering from a surgery and wasn't able to get beads to me.  I hope she gets better soon.  So Linda Anderson set me up with an Angel.  Krafty Max sent me a whole lot of beads. Beads on strings, beads in tubes, stone cabochons, fused glass pendants, and Czech beads, rounds, and crystals. Although, I didn't use all of the beads, I did manage to put together a few pendants and UFOs. The pendant above is one of the stones I worked with.

Here are the beads she sent:

Here is a pendant made with a few blue and white stones from KM. It's finished, I just need to bead up a rope.

This is supposed to be a Mini Mountain Girl bracelet (Regina Payne), and I used to small purple stone beads from KM.

Thank you Krafty Max for the beads. 💖 She's one of the participants too! So get to hopping!


Jeanne Parker
Fay Wolfenden
Teri Del Signore
Natalie Davidson
Tammy Adams
Shai Williams
Rozantia Petkova
Kari Asbury
Sarah Reid
Robin Reed
Divya N
Samantha Jones
andrea frank
Inge von Roos
Lois Sherwood
Valarie Dunsmore
Marde Lowe
Raquel Rosario
gloria allen
Leah Schneider
Cheri Mitchell-Reed
Kathy Lindemer
Jennifer Strehler
Terry Jeanette Carter
Cynthia O'Toole
Christina Hickman
Cindy Peterson
Renetha Stanziano (Thank you for visiting!)


  1. I hate to hear that you and the rest of the the fam are unwell. Here's hoping y'all get to feeling better soon. And, what you were able to post is quite impressive!

  2. WOW, they turned out wonderful!! I LOVEEEE the blue center!!! THat is just fabulous!! So happy to be your 'angel' and see all the 'beauties' you'll create! ~KM

  3. Feel better soon and do post your creations once you finish them

  4. I'm sorry you've been sick but so glad you posted! I looove the purple piece so when you're finished you'll have to share with us! I'm also wild about the pendant that you finished. I looove the blue beads that run across the front. So pretty!

  5. Love the mini mountain bracelet WIP - great colors and textures so far!

  6. sorry you've been sick. It got my house in was YUCK! so I'm glad you are on the mend. Your pieces are beautiful and such a haul of delicious beads!

  7. Can't wait to see that purple piece finished. It's going to be fab! Awesome work.

  8. Love bead embroidery. Lots of Vitamin C.

  9. I love the first pendant but the bracelet is totally my favorite piece!


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