October 23, 2013

Is It Worth It?

Tonight, I am looking at my youngest son's Parent Input for IEP form.  IEP is the acronym for Individualized Education Plan.  Leo is 12 years old and has cerebral palsy.  He cannot talk, walk, and has extremely limited control over his body do any activities that most of us take for granted.  He is totally dependent on someone, mostly family, to take care of him. 

How should I respond to the following statements? 

     1.  Give a brief statement stating a "vision" for your child over the next year, and also a vision after graduation from high school.  

     2.  I see my child's strengths as:

     3.  I see my child's greatest need as:

     4.  Other information I feel is important to the growth of my child's educational process:

Statement 1 Response:  Most people would say they want their child to have an quality education and grades good enough to get them into college.  In Leo's case, it is difficult to gage what or even if he is learning.  After high school--Leo will never interview for college or even have a career.  I am being realistic.  I just want Leo to be able to hold his head up without support, look people in the eye, and communicate his needs.

Statement 2 Response:  Leo has a great disposition.  He smiles, he recognizes his family.  He can let you know if he is happy, frustrated, hurting, or just wants to be left alone.

Statement 3 Response: I see Leo's greatest need is to have someone who will care for him in the future above and beyond the State's "standard of care" requirements.  

The State says I have to send him to school.  But I want to know if it is worth it?  What do you think?  Because right now I am about to have a good cry.