November 17, 2014

Black & White: Day 2

The snow has just started, after a wet and sleety start.  But I have a feeling that in the morning it will be icy roads and school closings.  I will be up early to watch the news.  Possibility of 3-5 inches by noon.

I sneaked out for a few minutes shortly before midnight to take the picture below.  I had fun trying to get my camera to take pictures at night using the macro lens, but no luck.  After removing the macro lens, I was able to get this shot of the fire bush in my front yard.

Fire Bush at Night
LOL!  I renamed the picture, but forgot to save it in color.  Oh well.

Have I mentioned that I love challenges?  Even if it is just for me?  Well I do.

B&W Photo Challenge Day 2.  Check.