November 18, 2014

Black & White Photo Challenge: Day 4

Now it's time to get creative.  What should I photograph now?  I've been outside, but today it is about 13 F and feels more like -2 F because of the wind chill.  Brrrrrr.  So indoor photos today.  I am glad I decided to play along side Day 4 of Donna Millard's original B&W photo challenge.

Bathroom Window
When we first moved into our house, I was so excited to decorate!  I found this metal sculpture ginkgo tree in a catalog.  So I bought it, and then couldn't find a wall I wanted to put it on.  Then inspiration hit me!  A little bending, and voila!  It fit perfectly in the window sill.  A little feather covered styrofoam bird was added a few years later.

Only one more day to go for this challenge.  I am having so much fun looking for things to photograph.  Have I said I love challenges?  Well I do.

Keeping Warm,