December 25, 2012

Lorelei's Blog: 12 Days of Christmas Handmade Gift Swap

The Challenge, hosted by Lorelei Eurto:

Group #1 was for Components/Pendants/Beads- Participants will create by hand (no store bought beads/components please) 11 beads or components and for 11 days, then we open each component, and chronicle gifted beads on our blogs.

Group #2 was for General Gifts- Since we all love handmade gifts, Lorelei suggest participants make these gifts by hand, but they can be in any genre you like. Ornaments, Jewelry, prints, potholders, whatever you desire!  Be creative and give gifts that you would love to receive yourself. 

Eleven (11) people (per group) were randomly chosen to participate and Lorelei Eurto,  is in each group.  Low and behold, my name came up for Group 1!  Now I have to make handmade beads or components for 11 people.  What was I thinking?  I love challenges?

I visited the blogs of my fellow Group 1 members, and wouldn't you know, most of them make gorgeous lamp work, ceramic, metal clay, jewelry and components.  I now feel extremely intimidated, but hope they like my extreme beginner, and somewhat juvenile handmade gifts.

I made several sets of polymer clay beads and pendants.  The pendants can also be made into  ornaments.  Why ornaments?  Does anyone out there in blog land remember Christmas Uglies?  I do.  My mom and I painted them and hung them in the windows when I was about 6 or 7 years old.  Christmas Uglies were pre-printed on interfacing and painted with Artex paints.

I don't know what I sent each participant, so it will not only be a surprise for them, but for me as well.  Remember to come back for the reveal during the 12 days of Christmas, starting December 

On the First Day of Christmas Lorelei sent to me:

Tin Snippet:  Bead Caps!

Lorelei's Blog

Group 1 Participants:

#1    Lorelei Eurto        
#2    Marcy Lamberson
#3    Donna Millard      
#4    Pam Ferrari          
#5    Kathleen Lange Klik
#6    Kristi Bowman     
#7    Carolyn Chenault 
#8    Renetha Stanziano
#9    Karen Totten       
#10   Cheri Reed         
#11   Francesca Watson
#12   Inge von Roos    

Thank you Lorelei Eurto for hosting the 12 Days of Christmas Handmade Gift Swap & Blog Hop!