December 13, 2012

Memories: My Son Wants a What for Christmas?

I was catching up with a few of my favorite blogs and came across Lori Anderson's blog, Pretty Things.  Her posts can be funny, joyful, and thought provoking. Today, she posted about her son's    desire for an Elf (you know the one featured in the movie, Elf on the Shelf).  Her post made me remember when my son Victor, at 4 years old, wanted a "Barbie" for Christmas.

Yep, a "Barbie" doll.  Victor really wanted a Barbie, and asked for one constantly.  Well as you can guess, this did not bode will with DH (DaHusband).  He couldn't figure out why his tough as nails son wants a "girl toy."  He pretty much said that "we" are not getting a Barbie for our son.

One afternoon, Victor and AJ were with me in a local thrift store.  The boys went right to the toy section while I looked at getting some clothing for them.  Lo and behold, the 4 year old zeroes in on the one lonely African American Barbie left on a shelf dressed in her finest pink dress.  Victor looked at me with the biggest grin on his face as he held up his dream girl.  Of course I bought it (a bargain at $2).

Not Victor's Barbie, but close.
DH blew a gasket:  "I can't believe you bought him a Barbie!"  My wonderful son, the proud owner of a Barbie, took this doll everywhere.  Even to preschool.  This is where I learned that my son saw several little girls carrying them around and was curious as to why they were so excited about Barbies.  Can you believe it?  At the tender age of 4, my son was trying to figure girls out.

Over the course of a few days my son studied his Barbie.  By that I mean he stripped her of all of her clothing, and then proceeded to toss her abound a bit, cut the hair, and tore off the arms.  By then DH was not as upset that his son wanted a Barbie for Christmas, and my son lost interest in a toy that does nothing.

My son Victor is now 17, AJ is 15, and Leo is 12.  They still want toys that "do stuff."

Would you buy a "Barbie" for your son?

Mom to 3 boys and
   Wife to Another!