February 7, 2013

Inspired by Winter Challenge

Sally Russick of The Studio Sublime is definitely one for challenges and put out a call for people to participate in her Inspired by Winter challenge.  The goal is to keep you motivated so  your creativity keeps flowing.  I know exactly how hard that can be, especially when depression winter blues hit.  And those winter blues hit me hard, and it didn't take much to bring tears to my eyes.  

What inspiration does winter invoke for me?  Lots of things like--wool, cold, pine trees, fire places, blankets, hot chocolate, large warm sweaters, snow days, colorful scarfs and shawls, boots, leather, snow, slush, salt covered cars, winter dawns, slippery walkways, icy power lines, blowing snow, little bursts of sunlight, warm cozy socks, gray, foggy, hazy skies, spots of red among the trees, candle light in windows, the UP and Alaskan winters.

Remembering Alaska:  The most vivid memory--Layers of clothing from thermal underwear, wool socks, school clothes, topped by snow pants and army green parka with reflective tape sewn on by mom in the shape of the letter R, and the off white, rubber bunny boots.  If you are familiar with the military, you know what they are.  Don't forget the scratchy wool face mask, and gloves covered by mittens.  Then the walk to school.  Yep, it was a little less than a mile in -48 degree weather.  Not lying here.  We could only stay home if the temperature reached -50 degrees.

Well, enough chatter, and onto creativity.  Here is my Inspired by Winter, Winter Berry.

I chose matte dark red spacers from River Oak Acres Lampwork Beads, two off white beads and spacers were made by Art Glass Beads by Celine, the focal by Terri McGill of Rabbit Hutch Beads.

Thank you Sally for hosting a wonderful winter challenge.  Below is a list of participant links!