January 29, 2013

AJE Earring Challenge: Week 5

Art Jewelry Elements is hosting a wonderful earring challenge.  The challenge is to make a pair of earrings a week.  This pair was made with gold plated findings and lampwork beads by Carolyn Harman of the Miami Valley Lampwork Bead Artists.  I will probably be using a lot of her beads, especially since she started making tiny lampwork beads perfect for earrings.  I am fortunate that she is my friend, and she also attends open bead night at my favorite bead shop STASH and she brings her new stuff to sell at the shop.  I love showcasing local artists work I use in my jewelry.  If you are in the Ohio area and have beads or other handmade findings that you sell, leave a comment below.  I am not sure when the week begins or ends for each challenge, so I will try to post my earrings every Tuesday.

Also, stop by the AJE Earring Challenge Printrest board to see more earrings!