January 14, 2013

Art Jewelry Elements Earring Challenge 2013!

I love challenges!  Art Jewelry Elements is hosting a earring challenge.  The challenge goals are to kick start your creativity, motivate you, and get your jewelry seen online.  The challenge will be a year-long Earring Challenge for 2013.  The challenge will be broken up into quarterly sections, so you can try it out for 13 weeks at a time.  Sounds easy right?  It is!

Above are my first earrings for the challenge.  The first set are turquoise and frit lampwork beads made by Juli Cannon of Studiojuls.  The second set are etched purple and cream with a little gray made by Bobbie Wilhelm of Flaming Treasures, Ebay.  I can tell you one thing, using Wubbers makes my loops look so much better.

I also joined the Facebook group, Year of Jewelry 2013, and will be posting pictures of my jewelry (and I will try not to use earrings all the time) weekly.  The 3rd week YoJ theme is music!