January 13, 2013

Year of Jewelry 2013

I joined the Year of Jewelry, 2013 Facebook group.  We supposed to create a piece of jewelry every week of the year.  Here is what I have done for the first 2 weeks.

Week 2 Theme:  Grace.  For me grace is the time God gives me to get my act together.  Thankfully this is a lifelong endeavor.

Week 1 Theme:  Renewal
I have also joined the AJE Earring Challenge.  One pair of earrings each week for the year.  You sign up for 13 weeks.  The first reveal is 20 January, so stop by each week to see if I can keep up or not.  

Take a look at my previous post about the Art Bead Love Chain Giveaway!  This could be your chance to swap art beads and host the next giveaway!

Have I said that I love challenges?  Well I do!