January 2, 2013

Almost Done with the Handmade Gift Exchange!

I love opening gifts.  I especially enjoy opening each and every handmade gift received.  I tried my hand at making polymer clay beads.  I took a few pictures of my creations; and the more I made up, the more ideas I came up with.  I placed each set of beads in a gift box and randomly selected a box to go in each envelope for mailing.  Then, I would be just as surprised as they are with their gifts.

I want to also take a moment to say thank you ladies for your wonderful handmade gifts.  These ladies are so talented and well known throughout the beading community.  I will treasure each and every gift.

This is my youngest son Leo.  He is now 12 years old as of Dec 12th.  He and I often share his room because he has cerebral palsy and sometimes has to have someone keep and eye on him 24/7.  I often catch him looking at me while I sit at a desk in the corner beading, stuffing doll forms, and making all of those polymer clay beads.  Leo, you are my inspiration, and your family loves you very much. 
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Group 1 Participants:

#1    Lorelei Eurto
#2    Marcy Lamberson
#3    Donna Millard
#5    Kathleen Lange Klik
#6    Kristi Bowman
#7    Carolyn Chenault
#8    Renetha Stanziano
#11   Francesca Watson
#12   Inge von Roos