January 24, 2013

Surprise from the Netherlands!

I made the daily trek to the mail box this cold January afternoon.  Beautiful outside, with a light coating of snow.  Sorting through the mail, a small package caught my eye.  It was from the Netherlands!  Why would I get something from so far away?  First I thought it was something I had ordered and forgot about.  Here is the box that was in the package.  I love pretty packaging because it makes what's inside all the more special.

It's the bracelet I won from Janine's giveaway for her fans.  Thank you Janine, the bracelet is beautiful.  I fell in love with the pearls on this bracelet the moment I saw it.  But you know with giveaways, the chances of winning are 50/50.  But I won it, and love it.  Oh, the bottom pic.  That's my 12 year old Leo.  He had a rough night last night, maybe his stomach or something else bothering him.  It started about 2am this morning with moans, squeals, screams when I didn't get to him fast enough.  He finally fell to sleep around 5am or so.  I wish my little man could talk or communicate in some way to let me know what's bothering him, ya know, so mom can fix it.  But look at that smile now...he was watching me open the box.  He is so curious about all the stuff (beads) I get almost daily.